Covid and Camping

Have you been camping lately? We’ve been camping here and there since July and have experienced various different rules depending on which RV resort you happen to be spending your time. You might wonder if it depends on the State. Well we’ve been anywhere from Missouri to Florida and it as nothing to do with anything other than what the campground decides their rules are for that particular day, week, or mood. My advice is to specifically ask when you call to make your reservation. Here’s a list of things you need to ask for…..

  • Is the pool open and what are the restrictions?
  • Is the laundry open?
  • Is the workout room open?
  • Are the showers and bathrooms open?

Now I say that because trying to figure it out from looking at their website or Facebook page is like playing a game of Marco-Polo. Most times you won’t find anything, maybe because if you knew, you wouldn’t come. Some of the rules can be just downright frustrating but guess what? Guaranteed there’s another campground around the corner that hasn’t changed a thing…Covid what? So just make sure you know what you’re getting into when you make that reservation because when they close certain amenities they never thought once about reducing that “Resort” price.

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